Aimless Vagabond’s Funny Travel Blog “Bears” ALL

Aimless Vagabond Bears All in this Funny Travel Blog

Efraín, the Aimless Vagabond, is an optimist, cynic, and lover of contradiction. He’s also a photographer, actor, and global wanderer whose endless quest for randomness has led him to a mixed bag of careers, including: tourism marketing director for the great state of New Mexico, pharmaceutical salesman of vaginal cream, med school professional fondling recipient (AKA standardized patient), trainer in police shooting simulations, and “pseudo intoxicated patron” in federal liquor licensing studies. He has traveled, lived, worked, and volunteered in more than 50 countries in five continents. While not running his consulting firm in Albuquerque, he is busy devouring exotic foods and avoiding adulthood while wearing the least amount of clothes possible… usually in faraway countries. Oh, also, he writes.

The Short Shtick

I write literary travel non-fiction in short-story format (think: bar stories). It’s not about listicles, itineraries, or hard-hitting journalism. Instead, I write about the messiness, frustration, and beauty that happens when cultures collide. I love writing the kind of travel stories you tell around a campfire when the nighttime chill has shriveled attention spans and alcohol has incapacitated discretion.

The tales you’ll find here are short, disturbing, inspiring and, hopefully, funny.

I maintain that facts have little to do with truth, and in that regard everything you’ll read on this site is 100% true.

For more details on my dysfunctional, messy, and sometimes delirious outlook on travel, bungee jumping, and riding ostriches, check out this interview.

Efraín’s work has appeared on NPR, the Good Men Project, TravelWorld International Magazine, as well as Spanish language print publications. Please do not hesitate to contact him with freelance literary or copywriting opportunities.


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