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Shirtless Aimless Vagabond on the horn.

I’m brand new to this blogging stuff and have a whole lot to learn, so your feedback is very valuable. Sadly, I no longer have access to the antler phone, but connecting should be easy anyway. For freelance writing projects, contact me via messages, smoke signals, messenger doves, papyrus runners, etc. You can also just send me an email, it’s just not as cool as a messenger dove.

I’m not awesome enough to have trolls express interest in me, but if you have trolling aspirations and need a test specimen to practice on, I promise to have a fragile ego and maybe even cry (tip: I’m especially sensitive about my smile because I worry I overpaid for it).

Efraín’s work has appeared on NPR, Zymurgy, Santa Feanthe Good Men Project, TravelWorld International Magazine,, as well as Spanish language print publications. He can help you with projects involving guest blogging, ghost writing, copywriting, and voice-over material.

I also moonlight as an actor on television, film, commercials and very random projects. If I look familiar, it’s either because you’re a fan of Better Call Saul or I’ve got that universal “oh-so-ethnic look.”